3D Wall Cladding

SS Interiors Stone wall cladding can be used both internally and externally and wherever they are placed with the many styles and colors it allows the designer to maximize the sense of warmth and space creating beautiful and always unique living and working spaces.

SS Interiors Stone veneer and cladding has become the preferred option to natural stone because of its lightweight and versatility. It is easy to work with and allows home owners, designers, builders and architects to explore new creative directions, turning any building or interior environment into a personal expression written in stone.


Teak Wall Panel

Rainbow Wall Panel

Silver Gray Wall Panel

Mint White Wall Panel

Deoli Green Wall Panel

Zeera Green Wall Panel

D Biege Wall Panel

Z Black Wall Panel

Kund Multi Wall Panel

Copper Wall Panel

Agra Red Wall Panel

Multi Yellow White Wall Panel

Silver Shine Wall Panel

Mint Rock Face Mosaic

M White Sezel Mosaic

Kund Multi Water Fall

Black Sezel Tile 12x4

J Yellow Sezel Tile 12x4

UD Green Sezel Tile 12x4

M White Sezel Tile 12x4

Pink Marble Sezel Tile 12x4

M White Pebbles Mosaic

Black Pebbles Mosaic

A Red Molding Mosaic

Mint White Molding Mosaic

Marble White Molding Mosaic

D Beige Molding Mosaic

Ita Gold Rock Face Molding

Teak Sezel Base Mosaic

Beige Sezel Tile 12x4

A Red Sezel Tile 12x4

B Black Base Mosaic

Pink Pebbles Mosaic

Teak Molding Mosaic

Rainbow Molding Mosaic

Rainbow Molding Mosaic S Pattern

M White B Brown Polish Mosaic 3D